State Champs and the last 2 weeks


Hi All

We have two weeks left to the season and there is still a lot on. So this is an overview of the next couple of weeks, with more detailed info to come.

States entries will be going in this week before the weekend. Please check your races thoroughly and speak to your coaches for all questions.

Pasta Night:
There will be a pasta night on the friday before states, this is a great chance to get all the competitors together before the big weekend.

Volunteers needed:
FRC is hosting the Sunday of state champs, we will need all hands on deck to cater, and run the regatta. More info will come out this week, however the more volunteers we have the easier it is and the more money we can make.

Boat unloading and afters.
We will be doing a full boat unloading and rigging after states. After that, we will be having a bbq, which all athletes, friends and family are invited to. As with other years, all the u18 will need to leave by 8.30/9pm with all adults welcome to have a few celebratory drinks into the evening.

Two weeks to go, please make sure we look after ourselves, eat well, and stay hygienic, we want you at 100% come race day


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